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  • Null Extension Video, Soundscapes, and Images by

    Null Extension Video, Soundscapes, and Images by Kadet Kuhne

    Start Date: Friday 4/6/2018 — End Date: Saturday 5/5/2018

    Null Extension delves into the spatial confinement of subjective perception. The line between subject and viewer, inescapability and endurance, limitations and potentiality, is stretched and pushed beyond comfort. Despite the structures that define and confine us, through altered states achieved in moments of suspension of time and space, our bodies can become a site of liberation and transcendence.

    Aggregate Space Gallery presents immersive works by Kadet Kuhne in which the traveling viewpoint of the individual experience, contrasted with infinite expansion, allows an unraveling of monolithic understanding toward the process of becoming.

    Opening Reception
    6 April 6-10pm

    Second Saturday Artists Talk
    14 April 11am

    First Friday Event
    4 May 5-8pm

    Friction / Function: 5 May 7pm
    Local performing artists get juiced on ASG works and respond!
    Curated by Jesse Hewit:

    Support for the Friction / Function series generously provided by Kenneth Rainin Foundation

    Gallery Hours
    Fridays and Saturdays 1-5pm
    and by appointment

    Aggregate Space Gallery
    801 West Grand Avenue
    Entrance on West Street
    Oakland, CA 94607

    Location: Aggregate Space Gallery, 801 West Grand Avenue oakland

    Contact: Conrad Meyers

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