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  • Little Boxes

    Little Boxes

    Start Date: Saturday 3/7/2009 — End Date: Saturday 3/7/2009
    Admission:donations welcome

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – March 7, 2009- ‘Little Boxes’ invites female Assemblage Artists of our time to tell stories through their work that include heritage, narratives, and gender. These pieces are both personal to the creator, and profound for the viewer. We invite you to view these amazing multimedia pieces, and see if you can catch all the tiny details. This March at Femina Potens, artists explore their personal histories and processes through the use of objects, cut paper, the symbol of the box, and the manipulation of mementos.
    Femina Potens honors the far-reaching legacy of women in Assemblage Art with the “Little Boxes” exhibit. In the late 1800s the enigmatic Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, the Dada Baroness, created art out of other people’s rubbish. It is also contested that she is the artistic force behind Marcel Duchamp’s famous Fountain. Artist Louise Nevelson began creating abstract expressionist “boxes” from found pieces of wood in the late 1930s, greatly influencing the art of assemblage. Generations later, Femina Potens continues this tradition, featuring contemporary assemblage artists Deborah Hayner, Dolores Gray, Lex McQuilkin and Zannah Noe.
    Artists Hayner, Gray and Noe are artistically linked as part of the Hunters Point Artist Colony, which celebrates art as a vital component of community redevelopment and experience. Femina Potens constantly fosters and delights in the connection of community transformation through art. We invite you to celebrate an adventurous and historical art form with us at the opening reception of “Little Boxes” on March 7th at 7pm.

    Location: 2199 Market Street San Francisco


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