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  • FREE 2 day course on Pranahuti Aided Meditation

    FREE 2 day course on Pranahuti Aided Meditation

    Start Date: Saturday 7/10/2010 — End Date: Sunday 7/11/2010

    FREE 2 day course on Pranahuti Aided Meditation

    This is a unique method of Raja Yoga (meditation) for Happiness, Peace, Control of Mind, Enlightenment and Balanced Existence.

    The training is held monthly in Bay Area and free for all. Class includes 4 meditation sessions.

    Individual growth in all aspects of life
    Happiness and Balanced Living
    Realizing the meaning of Existence
    Universal Harmony

    Sessions Include:
    Meditation Sessions
    Eternal and Pure Consciousness
    Control of Mind & Concentration
    Yogic / Thought Transmission
    Way of Living
    Stages of Progress

    • Registration: Phone: 408-340-0184 (C)
    • Email:
    • When: The training is held July 10th-11th, 2010 in Bay Area, CA and free for all.
    • Who: Institute of Sriramchandra Consciousness
    • URL:
    • Where: Fremont/San Jose, CA
    • Accommodation: Free over-night accommodation and child care is provided if needed. Please mention when register.
    • Fees: Free (No Hidden Cost)
    Note: Recommended age is between 18 and 50

    About Us:
    Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness is a Non-Profit Organization that aims to educate interested seekers about a unique system of Raja Yoga (Pranahuti - Yogic Transmission - Aided Meditation) with continuous support. Its objective is to help seekers discover and develop the limitless divine resource within, which will allow them to achieve their full human potential and live in the universal consciousness that brings peace, harmony and happiness to their lives and those all around them. (All trainings and on-going support are on a NO cost basis)

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    Location: Fremont Fremont

    Contact: Rajeev4

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