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  • Henry Gunderson “Apocalypse Shelter”

    Henry Gunderson “Apocalypse Shelter”

    Start Date: Friday 12/21/2012 — End Date: Saturday 1/5/2013

    Ever Gold Gallery Presents:

    Henry Gunderson
    “Apocalypse Shelter”
    December 21st – January 5th


    1125-75; Middle English < Late Latin apocalypsis < Greek apokálypsis
    revelation, equivalent to apokalýp ( tein ) to uncover, reveal ( apo- apo- + alýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis -sis

    [Perhaps from Middle English sheltron, tight battle formation, from Old English scieldtruma : scield,shield; see shield + truma, troop; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]

    In these monumental times of great change we are rapidly approaching what looks to be the end of the world as we know it. The coming events on December 21st 2012 have been known for some time and are likely to be devastating to life on our planet. Signs in the universe and on our planet point to either the end or beginning of human consciousness. We have ignored the signs for too long, as world governments are well aware of these catastrophic events and have been preparing by building top-secret underground bunkers to save the elite and leave the rest to die as the chaos ensues. As the date draws near and the signs become clearer that great danger is upon us, Ever Gold has no choice but to begin preparation for the highly anticipated “doomsday” date. We will be renovating the gallery space into a fortified apocalypse shelter and stock piling food, water, and survival equipment in preparation for whatever may unfold. A select few will be invited to survive the horrific events of December 21st in our shelter as the earth violently transitions from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, the cosmos align, the Mayan calendar ends, planet Nibiru closes in, the economy collapses, extra terrestrials make contact, and the beast is revealed. If all goes to plan, we will emerge from the destruction and enter the next level of existence as heavenly beings of light that will repopulate the new earth and exist in a utopia of pure consciousness and total art. The magnitude and circumstances of the events to take place are unknown and survival is not guaranteed. But we are taking all possible scenarios into consideration both spiritually and physically. Join us in the safety of our shelter as your worst fears are realized and the earth spins into chaos. Celebrate the fall of civilization and the finish line of the human race. Embrace the triumph of nature, and the cure of the cancer that is mankind. Rejoice in the revelation, the end of illusion, the deconstruction of reality and all artistic notions. Preserve yourself for the new world and be brave in the dark times ahead. We are here to help you.

    Location: 441 O’Farrell Street San Francisco


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