Shannon Wright’s “Number Crunchers” Art Kiosk In

Shannon Wright’s “Number Crunchers” Art Kiosk Installation Comes to Redwood City’s Courthouse Square Start Date: Tuesday 9/29/2020 — End Date: Sunday 10/18/2020 Admission:free The Redwood City Improvement Association, in partnership with Fung Collaboratives, has unveiled the latest Art Kiosk Installation exhibit by interdisciplinary artist, Shannon Wright. Wright’s “Number Crunchers” installation is her response to the confounding, shape-shifting quality of the data and vital information being delivered to–and withheld from–the public on any given day since COVID-19 began. “Number crunching,” a catchphrase that epitomizes the contemporary impulse to dominate through quantification, triggered for Wright an image of scissoring, hinged contraptions. Constructed from a few hundred wooden yardsticks, the sculptural objects in Number Crunchers are inspired by scissor-lift cranes and mechanical linkage systems. Although each structure is presented in a single position, each can be adjusted to expand or shrink. The yardsticks overtly reference “social distancing” tropes, while the layered configurations suggest a cacophony of information and misinformation. You can view this exhibit 24/7 from the Art Kiosk windows Saturday, August 15 through Sunday, September 13. When viewing the exhibit through the windows, please remember to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away and wearing a mask. Location: 2208 Broadway St. Redwood City, CA 94063 Redwood City Contact: Redwood City Improvement Association URL:

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