Elettrica Paradiso: One-night electroswing and s

Elettrica Paradiso: One-night electroswing and swing-hop dance party and music showcase Start Date: Saturday 5/18/2019 — End Date: Sunday 5/19/2019 Admission:$20-25 DirtyVolt Productions and Trapeze Worldwide welcome Sicilian swing sensation, Swingrowers, for a colorburst evening of hot decibels and dapper danza! This will be an exclusive, one-night engagement for the SF Bay Area on their 2019 North American Tour, supported by SF's DJ/live hybrid circus band ZjitZjo; Kiwistar, touring through from France, and SF's Delachaux. Andiamo! SwinGrowers The Passion of Palermo, SwinGrowers are known for their futuristic mixture of jazz, swing, pop and electro. With sterling releases on Freshly Squeezed Music and collaborating on sell-out concerts with the likes of Parov Stelar, Chinese Man and Caravan Palace, SwinGrowers have garnished an international reputation for feverish live shows that melt hearts and mangle dance floors. http://www.swingrowers.com ZjitZjo ZjitZjo’s Zjitiots are comprised of a perfectly imbalanced compendium of salaciously musical circus, sideshow and vaudeville miscreants, each operating with impunity in a vacuum of questionable suction, intent, and accessories. Musical tramps, in the parlance of our times. ZjitZjo represent a class of elite ZjitDisturbers, the likes of which the world can scarcely imagine let alone stomach. Led in loose terms by Trapeze Worldwide co-creator The Klown, they harken from such acclaimed hooligans as Gooferman, TrashKan Marchink Band, Ideateam, Limbs Akimbo, and City of Trees Brass Band. You’ve been warned!

Kiwistar French born DJ/producer Kiwistar is a worldwide name in the electro-swing game with a grand reputation for infusing myriad global ingredients into the genre he helped ignite. Based out of Lyon, France, Kiwistar tours internationally behind a bevy of vintage remix releases on SpoonS Records and is fast becoming a leading dancefloor depth charge the world over. https://soundcloud.com/kiwistar Delachaux As an early pioneer of the retro-electro movement, Delachaux quickly became one of the most seminal beat maestros for the vintage-clad followers of San Francisco’s diversely themed nightlife. Co-creator of the west coast’s infamous Trapeze Worldwide parties and dapper diplomat of the DirtyVolt sound, Delachaux remains a Bay Area vanguard of vivacious sounds and voluptuous reverberations. 21+ w ID Tickets & info: https://rickshawstop.com, http://dirtyvolt.world/ Location: 155 Fell St Civic Center San Francisco Contact: Boenobo Zjo boenobo@dirtyvolt.productions URL: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1832710

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