Interactive Art Kiosk Installation by Phaan Hown

Interactive Art Kiosk Installation by Phaan Howng Comes to Downtown Redwood City Start Date: Saturday 6/29/2019 — End Date: Sunday 7/28/2019 Admission:Free The Redwood City Improvement Association in partnership with Fung Collaboratives has unveiled the latest Art Kiosk Installation exhibit by Phaan Howng titled “Climate Test” and will hold an opening reception on Saturday, June 29 at 4 p.m. in one of Downtown Redwood City’s Courthouse Square Kiosks. “Climate Test” is a site-specific hand painted installation aiming to spark necessary climate change dialogue. Howng draws her inspiration from Redwood City’s bellowed sign and slogan, “Climate Best by Government Test”, the city’s history as a port of lumbar and the fact that the city is a new hub for technology in Silicon Valley. On the opening day, viewers can walk through this nightmarish forest of hand-painted trees physically going through various detoxification and engage in the post-apocalyptic climate. The rotating Art Kiosk Installations will continue throughout 2019 with different featured artists in an effort to enhance the community’s fine art scene for residents and visitors. Location: 2200 Broadway St. Redwood City Contact: Redwood City Improvement Association URL:

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