SF Dance Film Fest Opening Night – Queen + Béjar

SF Dance Film Fest Opening Night – Queen + Béjart: Ballet For Life Start Date: Saturday 11/2/2019 — End Date: Saturday 11/2/2019 Admission:$21 – $75 Queen + Béjart: Ballet For Life The SF Dance Film Festival invites you to join us in celebrating the North American premiere of Queen + Béjart: Ballet For Life by Lynne Wake and Simon Lupton, which tells the story of the creation and subsequent success of Ballet for Life, the unique collaboration between three huge cultural brands: Queen, Versace, and the visionary choreographer Maurice Béjart. At its heart is the loss of two legendary performers, Freddie Mercury and dancer Jorge Donn, both of whom died of AIDS in the early 1990s. This film marks the ultimate fusion of Queen’s sweeping emotional melodies and the timeless ethereal grace and movement of ballet. It is the first and only time a full-length ballet has been paired to rock music albeit peppered with some equally well-known pieces from Mozart. Featuring: Brian May and Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert, Wayne Sleep and Arlene Philips, and of course incredible archive footage of Freddie Mercury, Maurice Béjart, Queen, and Gianni Versace. Location: 1110 Gorgas Ave Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco Contact: SF Dance Film Festival info@sfdancefilmfest.org URL: https://www.sfdancefilmfest.org/festival-films/2019-program/queen-bejart/

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