DAKILA Featuring Da Island Way

DAKILA Featuring Da Island Way Start Date: Sunday 10/27/2019 — End Date: Sunday 10/27/2019 Admission:$30 The San Francisco-based band was originally formed in 1971 and reached legendary status all over the world for fusing elements of rock, funk, soul and Latin and were among the first Filipino-American groups to sign on a historic, major label-Epic/Columbia now called Sony Entertainment Records. Reformed in 2013 the band continues sharing their unique compositions lead by the original Bay Area musician-artist…..David Bustamante. “Da Island Way” is Concord’s premier Polynesian dance and Music studio founded by David Bustamante and his family in 1993. DIW has left their mark in competitions and performances from Tahiti, Hawaii, & throughout California. The success of Da Island Way is just an extension of David’s love of Polynesian music. Location: 351 Railroad Ave Pittsburg Contact: California Theatre info@pittsburgcaliforniatheatre.com URL: http://www.pittsburgcaliforniatheatre.com/upcoming-events/

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