Flash Point

Flash Point Start Date: Thursday 12/5/2019 — End Date: Thursday 12/5/2019 Admission:free Flash Point brings disparate locations and events, presented as a collection of videos, into a shared space where past injustices meet contemporary forms of perseverance. Collapsing history into the present, Jefferson Pinder traces a path back to the Spring of 1919, when Blacks across the U.S. saw a surge in race riots, lynchings, and violent mobs. Racial tensions had reached a critical tipping point, fueled by a shifting post-war climate. This extended period of violence, lasting through most of the year, is marked in American history as the Red Summer. A hundred years out, Jefferson Pinder shares the performance work associated with his cathartic 2019 road trip, created as a response to the Red Summer. Pinder explores the current racialized landscape with his crew of performers to see what has changed in a century– and what has not. From Chicago, Illinois to Ellisville, Mississippi, revisited sites of terror are host to an exploration of the hidden histories that underpin the African American plight. Aggregate Space Gallery and SFAI are proud to debut this work that touches on themes of collective struggle, identity, and physicality with the goal to evoke healing and understanding Location: 800 Chestnut St San Francisco Contact: ASG info@aggregatespacegallery.org URL: https://aggregatespacegallery.org/

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