The Real Stars of Salsa Music! Online

The Real Stars of Salsa Music! Online Start Date: Tuesday 6/1/2021 — End Date: Tuesday 6/15/2021 Admission:$25/class; $70 for Series Conga, Bong√≥ and Timbal Behind the artists and celebrities, you’ll find the real stars of Salsa, the Afro-Cuban percussion section: Congas, Bongos and Timbales! In this series of spicy online classes, you will learn about the histories of these percussion instruments, how they shaped the salsa genre, and how they found their way into popular American music and genres around the world. Students will also learn about the artists who made these instruments popular, the racial barriers they had to overcome to do so, and the recognition received for developing the techniques for how these instruments are played throughout the world today. Instructor and Grammy-winning artist, Omar Ledezma, Jr, combines audio and video samples with lecture and live percussion demonstration to create an engaging virtual class environment. Location: 2513 Blanding Ave Alameda Alameda Contact: Rhythmix URL:

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