Excelsior Mural Unveiling Celebration – Family C

Excelsior Mural Unveiling Celebration – Family Connections Start Date: Saturday 10/22/2022 — End Date: Saturday 10/22/2022 Admission:Free Family Connections Centers worked with local artist, Neil Ballard, to add a large mural for our Excelsior play yard! Join us for the first look at the new mural, view artwork from our programs, paint and color with your family, and hear more from Neil about his design. All ages are encouraged to attend. Beverages and snacks will be provided. Q?uestions? Contact communications@fccenters.org. •? ¡Family Connections trabajó con el artista, Neil Ballard, para agregar un gran mural para nuestro patio de juegos de Excelsior! Únase a nosotros para ver por primera vez el nuevo mural, vea las obras de arte de nuestros programas, pinte y coloree con su familia, y conozca a Neil. Todas las edades son bienvenidas. Se proporcionarán bebidas y aperitivos. •? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Neil Ballard ????? ??????????????? •? Trung tâm K?t n?i Gia ?ình ?ang làm vi?c v?i ngh? s? ??a ph??ng, Neil Ballard, ?? thêm m?t b?c tranh t??ng l?n cho sân ch?i Excelsior c?a chúng tôi! Hãy tham gia v?i chúng tôi ?? có cái nhìn ??u tiên v? b?c tranh t??ng m?i, xem tác ph?m ngh? thu?t t? các ch??ng trình c?a chúng tôi, v? và tô màu v?i gia ?ình c?a b?n và g?p Neil.M?i l?a tu?i ??u ???c chào ?ón. ?? u?ng và ?? ?n nh? s? ???c cung c?p. Location: 5016 Mission St Cayuga Terrace San Francisco Contact: Hannah Hanssens-Reed communications@fccenters.org URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/excelsior-mural-unveiling-celebration-tickets-428866951597

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