47th American Indian Film Festival: Opening Nigh

47th American Indian Film Festival: Opening Night Start Date: Friday 11/4/2022 — End Date: Friday 11/4/2022 Admission:$10-$20 The American Indian Film Festival returns in-person to San Francisco and takes place November 4-12, 2022. For its 47th year, the festival presents a cultural exchange of Native American and Canada's First Nations cultures through films and other special events. It is the world’s oldest and most recognized international film exposition dedicated to Native American cinematic accomplishment. Opening Night on Friday, November 4th, at 6pm takes place at the Letterman Digital Arts Center.  The program features the local film, INDIANLAND, where filmmaker Liz Irons regathers the group of occupants on Alcatraz Island who sought to negotiate treaty rights to the land. In 1969, a few years after Alcatraz closed down its prison, a group of young Indians took over the island for 19 months, despite the lack of heat, electricity, and water. The stories of this group, 50 years later, are told in INDIANLAND back on Alcatraz Island.  Location: # B 1 Letterman Dr San Francisco Contact: Larsen Associates publicity@larsenassc.com URL: aifisf.com

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