Fairytale Ball

Fairytale Ball Start Date: Saturday 2/23/2019 — End Date: Saturday 2/23/2019 Admission:$35 per couple Come dance to fun tunes, meet a real princess and enjoy fun activities and light refreshments! This whimsical event is sure to delight and create lasting memories for children (ages 4-12) and their favorite adult chaperone! WHERE Finley Community Center TIME 5-7pm PRE SALE TICKETS ONLY $35 per couple Additional Chaperone – $10 Additional Child – $10 Must purchase in advance here: https://srcity.perfectmind.com/23508/Clients/BookMe4LandingPages/CoursesLandingPage?widgetId=46fcbb49-69b9-43af-b23b-067fb8272c0c&embed=True&redirectedFromEmbededMode=True&courseId=83e247bb-6d99-4b80-a341-db63d4683027 Location: 2060 West College Avenue Santa Rosa Contact: Kristi Buffo kbuffo@srcity.org URL: https://srcity.org/calendar.aspx?EID=742

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