CONSTANCE HOCKADAY: PREPARE TO BE UNPREPARED Start Date: Tuesday 4/9/2019 — End Date: Tuesday 4/9/2019 Admission:FREE VISITING ARTISTS + SCHOLARS SERIES Constance Hockaday: Prepare to be Unprepared Prepare to be Unprepared is a cinematic and performative lecture by artist Constance Hockaday. The performance includes a stream of associations exploring how sandy beach survival strategies, homemade boats, linguistic investigations of the word “hope,” normalcy bias, and her own personal anecdotes come together to illustrate the terrifying and liberating ways we make sense of our lives in the age of disaster. Constance Hockaday is a Chilean American who grew up on the Gulf of Mexico. She has created outsider maritime projects since 2006. At age 19, she joined the Floating Neutrinos, a family of wanderers, who sailed around the world in handmade vessels. In 2011, she began creating solo work on the water. From a floating boat hotel off the shores of New York City to a floating peeshow in the San Francisco Bay, her work explores issues of public space, political voice, and belonging. Image: You Make A Better Wall Than A Window, Constance Hockaday, 2016; Multimedia public installation and performance; dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Location: 800 chestnut street San Francisco Contact: SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE URL:

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