Mercury Soul Presents: Jazz Mafia

Mercury Soul Presents: Jazz Mafia Start Date: Friday 4/26/2019 — End Date: Saturday 4/27/2019 Admission:$20-30 Mercury Soul returns to San Francisco’s DNA Lounge for Mercury Soul Presents:Jazz Mafia on April 26th at 9pm for a kinetic fusion of DJing, live electronic and classical music, this time with a jazz-flavored twist. In the DJ booth will be DJ/trumpeter Will Magid, DJ Masonic (Mason Bates) and Chicago Native Justin Reed spinning jazz inflected house music alongside performances that span the spectrum of well-known pieces by jazz greats, classical-jazz crossover pieces, and original works. Headlining the show is the Oakland-based collective, Jazz Mafia, presenting two of their groups, both of which play mostly original music: Cosa Nostra Strings brings classical elements into what they do, while Heaviest Feather defies genre with a delicious soup with bits of jazz, rock, funk, and hip-hop. Diablo Jazz Company is bringing a jazz combo who will perform works by some of the great American jazz legends such as Duke Ellington and others, paying homage to composers who started it all. And finally the Mercury Soul Orchestra brings to the table some of Mercury Soul’s signature sound presenting works that are two takes on jazz by classical composers: Ebony Concerto by Igor Stravinsky, and Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs by Leonard Bernstein. All of this music is tied together with DJ sets through electro-acoustic interludes composed specifically for the show by Grammy-winning Bay Area composer/DJ and Mercury Soul Artistic Director, Mason Bates. Location: 375 11th St SoMa San Francisco Contact: Justin Reed URL:

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