Aggregate Animated Shorts | Special Screening I

Aggregate Animated Shorts | Special Screening I Start Date: Friday 8/2/2019 — End Date: Saturday 8/31/2019 Admission:$10 Aggregate Animated Shorts Third Annual International Short Film Festival 2 August – 31 August 2019 In our ongoing effort to present unique and challenging art experiences to the public, Aggregate Space Gallery is proud to launch this celebration of non-commercial and experimental animation. Animation, as a subset within video art, is unique in its versatility as a communicative form and its ability to place viewers inside adjacent realities. It is a medium without rules or restrictions, and its content can address ideas as simple or as complex as the animator intends. The exhibition will culminate in an award ceremony hosted by artist, animator, and Congratulations Pine Tree co-host, Kate Rhoades. We will be screening the top two films from each category, as well as a viewer’s choice award from each category. Viewer’s Choice categories will be rated by visitors to the gallery and our special screenings, so come by and judge these films by September 4 at Roxie! The event will also include a film by each of our exhibition jurors: Zeina Barakeh, Laneya Billingsley, Ryan D Lewis, Sarah Paulsen. Featuring shorts by: Melanie Clemmons, Jacob Docksey, Celia Eid and Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, Tess Elliot, Amy Fang, Gwendolyn Foster, Erinn Hagerty and Adam Savje, Santiago Insignares, Lacey Johnson, Shon Kim, Carey Lin and Gabriel Gilder, Tess Martin, Kathleen Quillian, Fu Yang Opening Reception 2 August 6-10pm Location: 5221 Central Ave Richmond Contact: Aggregate Space Gallery URL:

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