Mark Flood: Paintings from the Postwar Era

Mark Flood: Paintings from the Postwar Era Start Date: Saturday 9/7/2019 — End Date: Saturday 10/26/2019 Admission:Free Ever Gold is pleased to present Paintings from the Postwar Era, Mark Flood’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. Paintings from the Postwar Era features selections from the Heath series and the Monster series. Mark Flood has been described as irreverent, a prankster, and a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman. Some people seem to think that he is criticizing society, or maybe just the art world. Google him. He makes paintings, sculptures, films, videos, and music. The Heath paintings are comprised of collections of internet images jumbled together on printed canvases—funny paintings for a world that has lost its since of humor. They are funny but safe, because no one can really say what they mean. The Monster paintings are hand-paintings on canvas of monsters—monsters of violence. These are paintings about violence in its most abstract form, for a world that is angry and bloodthirsty—paintings for those want justice, revenge, violence and war but are unwilling to expose their own values, lest they end up on the guillotine. Location: 1275 Minnesota Street, Suite 105 San Francisco Contact: Andrew McClintock URL:

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