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MaheshKale" The Alchemist" concerts by Mahesh Kale on 20th Oct in the Bay Area Start Date: Sunday 10/20/2019 — End Date: Sunday 10/20/2019 Admission:Level I: $45 ($39 early bird before Sep 30) Level Hi everyone! Let’s rewind the clock about four years… to the cusp of the musical phenomenon that was about to sweep audiences off their feet and create a new wave of appreciation for Indian classical music. That phenomenon was the 2015 musical film “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli” and you have all been a part of the exhilarating musical movement that has followed. Now some of you may know that the movie is actually a revival of the 1960’s hit musical with the same title. It’s hard to believe that much of the film’s music — that today plays from our iPhones and bluetooth speakers — was actually composed and first popular over 60 years ago! But what is it about this music that is so enchanting, so timeless, and so inspiring that it has attracted people from all walks of life and especially the younger generation? Who was it that seeded this inspiration? ICMA Foundation is very excited to bring to you our humble tribute to the original creator of this music, and to one of the most prolific Indian classical musicians of all time, in a very special concert presented by his youngest disciple and ICMA’s very own Mahesh Kale: “The Alchemist: Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki – The Maestro with a Golden Touch” with narration in English, and in Marathi. Alchemy is an ancient belief, whose practitioners sought purity and perfection…it is believed that they could turn ordinary metals into gold. Padmashree Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, known fondly as Abhishekibua, was such an alchemist of music, widely acclaimed for his deep perfection of Indian classical music and for his Midas touch that moved audiences beyond words. What is not as commonly known was the sheer magnitude of music that he conceived and created…from rare ragas to film songs to abhangs to the mid-20th century revival of Marathi natya sangeet, Abhishekibua is credited with hundreds of musical marvels. National Award-winner Mahesh Kale is Abhishekibua’s youngest disciple, and has dedicated his life to carrying forward his guru’s musical legacy and philosophies, and to spreading the joy of music. On October 20th, in this very special concert, Mahesh Kale will not only take us through the depth and breadth of Abhishekibua’s music, but will share glimpses of the guru who inspired him. Joining him will be an ensemble of stellar traditional instrumentalists from India – Nikhil Phatak (tabla), Rajiv Tambe (harmonium), Prasad Joshi (pakhawaj), and Kedar Gulavani (violin). This event is brought to you in collaboration with our community partner Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA). Location: 5001 Great America Pkwy Santa Clara Contact: Purva URL:

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