Online Speed Dating for ages 25-45

Online Speed Dating for ages 25-45 Start Date: Thursday 4/9/2020 — End Date: Thursday 4/9/2020 Admission:20-25 Looking for something fun to do during the Bay Area "shelter in place" order? Join us for our Zoom Online Speed Dating, for ages 25-45, Thursday, April 9, 2020, 7-9pm. The cost is $20. Click on the link above if you would like to join us! We have more planned for other age groups, ethnic groups, educational level groups, and special interest groups. Friday, April 10 – Speed Dating & Social for Chinese/Asian American Singles Saturday, April 11 – Speed Dating for Asians to Non-Asians Sunday, April 12 – Speed Dating & Social for ages Late 50s and older Friday, April 17 – Speed Dating & Social for Singles with Advanced Degrees Saturday, April 18 – Speed Dating & Social for Christian Single Professionals Sunday, April 19 – Speed Dating & Social for Athletic & Active Single Professionals Friday, April 24 – Find a Travel Companion Social Saturday, April 25 – Cooking Class & Social Sunday, April 26 – Fashion Exchange, Show, & Social DETAILS on our website at CLICK on the date(s) you want to attend. All events are $20/early bird or $25/same day, except for April 24, which is only $10! All of our events are fundraisers for The Seva Foundation,, to restore sight to the blind. WHAT IS ZOOM SPEED DATING? * It's a video conference event where you participate from the comfort of your own home! * A new way to meet 10 to 20 eligible Singles in the bay area. * You meet ALL participants of the opposite sex. HOW DOES ZOOM SPEED DATING WORK? * Fill out the Speed Dating Form (We will email to you). * Each participant has a speed dating number. * 3 minute introduction per person. * Ask questions from participants. * Mark "Yes" or "No" on your scorecard. * Email your Speed Dating form to after the event. * If there are matches, we'll notify you within 48 hours. REQUIREMENTS: * Zoom is free for video calling & conferencing and almost as easy to use as an ATM. It's a great way to stay in touch during social isolation. * You need a strong internet connection with a Zoom-compatible webcam and microphone. * You need the Zoom desktop or mobile app downloaded to your device: * Zoom has an extensive help section: *Don't Forget To Dress Up! Location: Bay Area Bay Area Contact: Rich Gosse URL:

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