ICMA Cares Initiative – mini concert series – Ar

ICMA Cares Initiative – mini concert series – Artist Appreciation Awards 2020 Start Date: Saturday 8/22/2020 — End Date: Saturday 8/22/2020 Admission:0 On behalf of the ICMA Foundation(founded by Shri. Mahesh Kale), we would like to extend an invite to the newly-christened ICMA Cares Initiative: #IsolatedYetTogether, featuring a mini-concert series as well as Artist Appreciation Awards (2020). This mini-series will be broadcasted on ICMA Foundation’s Facebook and Youtube channels. We look forward to you joining us on one of these platforms Saturday, Aug 22 at 9 am PST , 12 pm EDT , 9:30 pm IST for the fourteenth episode in this series and come back to bask in these beautiful melodies every Saturday after. We hope that you will stay safe and stay musical with us since we are, indeed, all in this together! https://www.facebook.com/ICMAFoundation/ http://www.icmafoundation.org/ https://www.youtube.com/ICMAFoundation Location: Everywhere Everywhere Contact: ICMA Foundation info@icmafoundation.org URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/292382351923304/

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