Beginning Sight Singing Online w/ Bryan Dyer

Beginning Sight Singing Online w/ Bryan Dyer Start Date: Wednesday 9/16/2020 — End Date: Wednesday 10/21/2020 Admission:$90/series, $17.50/class Wednesdays, September 16 – October 21 6 Week Series (Single classes also available – Single classes can be used on any date of the series.) Have you found yourself saying, “I’ve got a little time on my hands, and I’d love to get back into music” or perhaps “I’ve been singing in a choir, but I can’t really read the music”? Well, now is the time to change all that! Join Bryan Dyer in a 6-week Sight Singing Course where you’ll learn how to read note values, navigate rhythms, maneuver around sharps and flats and recognize intervals by sight. Music can be even more fun when you have some of the skills to make it easier! Location: 2513 Blanding Ave Alameda Contact: Rythmix URL:

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