Steven Dellicarpini’s “Epoch” Art Kiosk Installa

Steven Dellicarpini’s “Epoch” Art Kiosk Installation Comes to Redwood City’s Courthouse Square Start Date: Friday 8/28/2020 — End Date: Sunday 9/13/2020 Admission:free The Redwood City Improvement Association, in partnership with Fung Collaboratives, has unveiled the latest Art Kiosk Installation exhibit by interdisciplinary artist, Steven Dellicarpini. Dellicarpini uses his installation “Epoch” to explore the aspect of time and how time is not inherently good or bad, but rather defined by the experiences of the observer. “Epoch” is a seven-foot-tall sculpture in the form of an hourglass, constructed from a paper-based clay, steel, and polycarbonate. Inside is 1000 pounds of sand that quietly and methodically disappear into the bottom portion over the course of a week. These 8 billion grains of sand represent each person on earth. At the end of the week, Dellicarpini replenishes the sand and the cycle continues. This sculpture is intended to be meditative, watching the sand fall while life, thoughts, and current events continue. This peaceful and calm artwork is a call to action on both personal and community levels. You can view this exhibit 24/7 from the Art Kiosk windows Saturday, August 15 through Sunday, September 13. When viewing the exhibit through the windows, please remember to practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away and wearing a mask. Location: 2208 Broadway Centennial Redwood City Contact: Redwood City Improvement Association URL:

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