Singing a Path to Dawn: A Radio Play

Singing a Path to Dawn: A Radio Play Start Date: Saturday 12/12/2020 — End Date: Saturday 12/12/2020 Admission:$5-10 Rotterdam, 1940. A city and a people, bustling with life. But the atmosphere is rife with a sinister undercurrent that grips the residents in fear. Who can stand up to a force seemingly too powerful to be reckoned with? Join us in an exciting ‘radio play’ concert, our first performance with Fall 2020 Interim Artistic Director Dr. Anne K. Hege! After the concert, we will host a ‘fireside chat’ with Anne, members of the radio play narrative team, video director, and PWC singers. More details: Through the dialog and narrative of a radio play, the Peninsula Women’s Chorus invites you to come with us on a journey—from loss and uncertainty to the formation of a community, from confronting our deepest fears to forging the will to rebuild—as we explore the courageous path of a woman who holds the promise of new beginnings. Woven into our play are the bluesy PWC audience favorite Faith is the bird that feels the light by Elizabeth Alexander with poetry by Tagore, the startling shouts and spells of Arne Mellnäs’ Aglepta, Gustav Holst’s ecstatic Hymn to the Dawn, and the sublime setting by Pekka Kostiainen of Veni, amica mea that is also featured on our upcoming CD, Women Making Waves. ‘Tune in’ to hear and see more… including a hurdy-gurdy! Location: Everywhere Everywhere Contact: Katie Sanwick URL:

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