Unsung Women of Music: A 6-Week Online Course wi

Unsung Women of Music: A 6-Week Online Course with Mark Montgomery French Start Date: Tuesday 2/23/2021 — End Date: Tuesday 3/30/2021 Admission:$25/Single class; $125/6-week series; $225/two 6-w Tuesdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, February 23rd – March 30th $25/Single class; $125/6-week series; $225/two 6-week series It takes a nation of millions to hold musical women back. Join us for Unsung Women of Music, a humorous, highly immersive, and historically accurate course that reveals the awe-inspiring female song makers, beat-shakers, and dealmakers nudged to the margins of music history. Featuring: Carol Kaye, Fanny, X-Ray Spex, Dorothy Ashby, ESG, Viola Smith, Rachel Portman, Allee Willis, Tamar-kali, Teena Marie, Suzanne Ciani, Wendy Carlos, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Gail Davies, Memphis Minnie, Susan Rogers, Anne Dudley, Stax Records, and more! Melodies have no gender, but the machinations that deliver melodies are overwhelmingly male. Nevertheless, women have persisted in the creation, performance, production, delivery, and influence of music in all genres. This course will uncover the truths, introduce you to exciting tunes, and dive deep into the talent and tales of unfairly obscured women in music. Plus, there will be jokes. Location: 2513 Blanding Ave Alameda Alameda Contact: Rhythmix info@rhythmix.org URL: https://www.rhythmix.org/events/unsung-women-of-music/

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