The 23rd SF IndieFest Opening Night Film: The Bo

The 23rd SF IndieFest Opening Night Film: The Book of Vision (VIRTUAL EVENT) Start Date: Thursday 2/4/2021 — End Date: Thursday 2/4/2021 Admission:$10 *VIRTUAL EVENT* THE BOOK OF VISION Director: Carlos S. Hintermann In present day, Eva (Lotte Verbeek), a promising young doctor, leaves her brilliant career to study the history of medicine in a remote university. She begins to call everything into question after discovering a manuscript titled “The Book of Vision”: her nature, her body, her illness, and her sealed fate. Johan Anmuth (Game of Thrones star Charles Dance) is an 18th-century Prussian physician in perpetual conflict between the rise of rationalism and ancient forms of animism. Far from a proper scientific text, Anmuth authored the manuscript to focus on the feelings, fears, and dreams of over 1800 of his patients, whose spirits still wander through the pages. The story of Anmuth and his patients cause Eva to question the separation of the past, present and future, while confronting the challenges of modern medicine and its limitations with respect to her own body. SF IndieFest will once again bring the freshest new independent films and digital programs from around the world to San Francisco audiences. This year’s festival has 42 shorts and 38 features from 20 countries. Complete program information at Location: 3117 16th St Mission District San Francisco Contact: Jeff Ross URL:

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