Performance, Art & Learning Gallery Virtual Rece

Performance, Art & Learning Gallery Virtual Reception Start Date: Friday 4/16/2021 — End Date: Friday 4/16/2021 Admission:RSVP – for FREE Zoom link A virtual reception and online exhibit featuring the work of artists Malik Seneferu, Sharon Virtue, Rupy C. Tut and Maryln Mori Inspired by the Rhythmix Performance, Art & Learning (PAL) program and sponsored by Alameda Education Foundation’s Art Across the Island, the Spring 2021 PAL Gallery brings together four visual artists, Malik Seneferu, Sharon Virtue, Rupy C. Tut and Maryln Mori, whose work celebrates the local cultures and communities that make living in the Bay Area so unique. Each artist creates work with very diverse themes and content including African masks with bold lines, abstract variations of shape and color, Indian (Pahari) miniature painting and nature drawings filled with calligraphy, as well as acrylic paintings of ‘life, stilled’ fruits and vegetables. During the reception, the artists will share characteristic pieces from their collections, show the videos they developed for the PAL program and discuss the motivations that drive their work. Rhythmix Performance, Art & Learning (PAL) is a youth arts education program developed in collaboration with the Alameda Unified School District for elementary students in Grades 2-5. PAL fosters awareness about world cultures and empowers underserved youth through exposure to world music and dance. Rhythmix offers this program at no cost to over 3,000 students annually. Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting educational opportunities for Alameda public school students. For the 2020-21 school year, AEF’s Art Across the Island program is partnering with Rhythmix to provide a visual art component aligning with RCW’s PAL program that includes a video demonstration by featured artists along with a student project based on each artist’s work. Location: Everywhere Everywhere Contact: Rhythmix URL:

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