Sonic Reflections on Interconnectedness

Sonic Reflections on Interconnectedness Start Date: Saturday 4/1/2023 — End Date: Saturday 4/1/2023 Admission:$30 or pay what you can (in person); $20 live stre 21V, under the direction of Dr. Martín Benvenuto, presents Sonic Reflections on Interconnectedness on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Palo Alto. After celebrating its inaugural season with the world premiere of “Praise Song for Tulsa” and its first in-person concert Beyond Binary, 21V embarks on its next chapter. “As we emerge from a global pandemic, we yearn more than ever for community and this program reminds us of the many ways we are intertwined,” says Dr. Benvenuto. 21V’s unique treble sound is showcased in an eclectic array of 21st century music of the 3 Americas, including Chen Yi’s virtuosic and playful “Looking at the Sea,” the world premiere of “Skin” by Mari Esabel Valverde, and works by Reena Esmail, Jake Runestad, David O, and the US premiere of “Maria Santana” by Argentinian composer Diego Boero. Says Benvenuto: “one of the journeys that 21V has embarked upon is exploring a broader identity of contemporary American music. With our composers we have an excitingly varied representation of American works.” From Indian-American composer Reena Esmail’s “Quarantine Madrigals,” extraordinary snapshots of this monumental time, to the imaginative textures of Diego Boero and his imaginary city of forgetfulness in “María Santana,” we are grateful as musicians to return to being able to actuate aspects of ourselves and share them with others. The concert ends with L.A. composer David O and Lakota playwright Larissa FastHorse, capturing the resiliency of the human spirit with “Hoka hey!” – the rallying cry that urges us all to move forward with confidence. Location: 555 Waverley St University South Palo Alto Contact: Jungmee Kim URL:

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