30th Annual Autumn Moon Festival: Virtual Event

30th Annual Autumn Moon Festival: Virtual Event Start Date: Friday 9/18/2020 — End Date: Friday 9/18/2020 Admission:FREE In its first-ever attempt at executing a virtual event, the organizers hope to present a web experience that captures the similar energy and excitement of its physical festival. A cast of talented performers including jazz pianist Jon Jang, Trace Elements, and Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company, will captivate the audience with showy dances and lively music. Special guest appearances include Shin Lim (two-time America’s Got Talent Winner; 2018 & 2019 and Kenichi Ebina (America’s Got Talent Winner, 2013) along with Kenny Bee and Alice and the Wave. Other features will include children’s lantern art activity and a food demonstration. The program will conclude with the famous and highly anticipated lion dance performance. Location: Everywhere San Francisco Contact: Eva Lee elee@moonfestival.org URL: http://www.moonfestival.org/

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