3 Zoom Speed Dating Parties for Single Professio

3 Zoom Speed Dating Parties for Single Professionals! Start Date: Thursday 12/3/2020 — End Date: Thursday 12/10/2020 Admission:$20 * A new way to meet 15 to 20 eligible Singles in the Bay Area safely. * You meet ALL participants HOW DOES ZOOM SPEED DATING WORK? * Fill out the Speed Dating Form (We will email to you). * Each participant has a speed dating number. * 3 minute introduction per person. * Ask questions from participants. * Mark ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on your scorecard. * Email us your Speed Dating Form after the event. * If there are matches, we’ll notify you within 48 hours. COST: $20, per party, prepaid by credit card on www.thepartyhotline.com. Click on the date(s) you wish to attend. Co-sponsored by The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization. All parties are fundraisers for The Seva Foundation, www.seva.org, to restore sight to the blind. Nov 29, 2020, Young Single Professionals Zoom Speed Dating Party Dec 4, 2020, Advanced Degree Zoom Speed Dating Party, 40+ Dec 10, 2020, 45+ Zoom Speed Dating Party MORE EVENTS at https://www.thepartyhotline.com. January 21-24, 2021, Perfect 4 Days on Oahu March 25-30, 2021, Best of Puerto Rico May 13-18, 2021, Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls Adventure Location: Everywhere Everywhere Contact: Rich Gosse rich@richgosse.com URL: https://www.thepartyhotline.com

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