Indian Short Film – Need Camera man and Light ma

Indian Short Film – Need Camera man and Light man Start Date: Sunday 8/28/2022 — End Date: Friday 9/2/2022 Admission:0 We are looking to hire folks who are interested to volunteers in short film making for a Tamil and Telugu (Indian) short film in CA Bay Area. We are enthusiastic about films and this experience would be eye opening to grow the world of film making and we hope it will be the same for you as well! Requirement for aspiring film crew/technicians: Just bring with you loads and loads of passion and enthusiasm to the set! (Language no bar) We are looking for people to assist/lead in the following categories of film making: – Camera Man – Lightman – Lead Role – Male – 30-35 years age (confirmed) – Lead Role – Female – 25-35 years age (confirmed) – Supporting Lead Role -Male – 20-25 yrs age – Supporting Lead Role -Female – 20-30 yrs age (confimred) – Family 1 (Husband, Wife, one or two kids) – (confirmed) – Family 2 (Husband, wife, one kid or two kids) – Assistant Directors 2 (one confirmed and still need one more AD) Selection process starts from 08/28/2022 to 09/02/2022 Planning to start shooting soon in 1-2 weeks (Sep 1st week) You can also share your portfolio (if any) during the event or email me at Location: Dublin Alameda County CA Dublin Contact: 12GuysStudios URL: na

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